To the highest peaks of Tien-Shan

Tien Shan trek The numerous variety of landscapes, hanging glaciers along with rising peaks Khan-Tengri and Pobeda in this area attract trekkers all around the world. We start from Northern spurs of Terskey Ala-Too range, overgrown with fir trees, and proceed toward Sary Djaz valley, Inylchek and Kaindy rivers, crossing six passes with a highest point of 4001m and then explore the two biggest glaciers of the Central Asia – Inylchek and Kaindy (64 km and 25 km long). The unique view of the Central Tien-Shan will remain everlasting memory for any visitor….

Lakes of Kyrgyzstan

Terskey Ala-Too

Most travelers vote this the most appealing, accessible and welcoming of the former Soviet Central Asian republics. This program combines elements of mountain hiking and vehicle transfers that allows discover the vast territory of Central and East ….Read more Healthy air mixed with sea freshness, fragrance of fir-trees and coolness of mountains turquoise Ala-Kol Lake – its water like mirror reflects neighboring glaciers and summits. Variety of relief and landscapes plus warm hospitality of locals ….

Along the Nomads trails in Northern Tien-Shan

Lost Valleys of the Turkestan Range

The trek takes us along alpine flatlands, grassy hills choked with pretty wildflowers, through forests of unique Tien-Shan blue fir trees, and close to stunning glaciers. As we hike along the deep Alamedin, and Tuyuk gorges, we’ll keep to the tracks beaten by sheep and horses ….Read more The high mountain valleys of the Turkestan Range a continuous wall of granite peaks forming Kyrgyzstan’s southwestern border-are a timeless world of towering rock faces and summer pastures where proud Kyrgyz nomads have grazed their flocks since the days of the ancient Silk Road. Only a handful of western trekkers have ever explored…..Read more


Ascent to Lenin Peak (Ibn Sina Peak)

Lenin Peak (renamed to Ibn Sina Peak in July 2006) is situated in the northern part of Pamir range and rises to 7134m. Lenin Peak is the highest mountain in the Trans-Alay Range of Central Asia. The peak is considered to be one of the easiest seven-thousanders, which you can ascend without special training and high-altitude climbing experience. Tien-Shan Travel offers ascent of Lenin Peak from Northern side from the Achik-Tash valley….

Ascent to Khan Tengri from the Northern Inylchek

Ascent to Khan Tengri from the Southern Inylchek

The knot of the massive ranges Kokshaal-Too, Meridionalni, Sarydjazski, Tengri-Tag, Inylchekski and Kaiyindy has the name Muztag (The Ice Mountain). The climate is sharply continental, dry and rigorous. The summer is short, average temperature of about 7 centigrade…..Read more The region is called “The Arctic of Kyrgyzstan”, though Central Tien-Shan is situated in the same latitude as the Mediterranean Sea. The glaciers falling from Muztag to the west make full rivers Sary-Jaz and its tributaries Inylchek and Kaindy….Read more

Ascent to Pobeda Peak from the South Inylchek Base Camp

Ascent to Muztagh Ata

Inylchek glacier is a great ice river 62 km long. The most northern, most difficult ascent in the world is the seven-thousander Pobeda peak (7439 m), which rises above the left tributary of Inylchek glacier – Zvyozdochka glacier…. Read more Muztagh Ata s a summit of 7546m located in the Kun Lun range on the China territory not far from Kashgar. The summit has gentle slopes of 25-30 degrees steepness. It gives a good possibility….Read more

Ascent to Kongur Tagh

Rock walls of Liailiak and Karavshin

Kongur Tagh is a very difficult summit rising at 7649m and being the highest within the Xinjiang Uyghur Region. Located not far from the Muztagh-Ata summit. Mountaineering is possible only for very experienced climbers.Read more The mountains in the basin of the Liailiak river are more perspective for ascents: Ak-Suu 5355 m, Blok 5229 m, Iskander 5120 m. There is the highest point of this region the Piramidalnyi peak 5509 m in the basin…Read more

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