Mountain biking

Cross Country Biking Tour (Kyrgyzstan – China)

Bishkek – mount. Mustagata

Duration: 18 days

Mountain biking Kyrgyzstan - China

You cross the territory of Kyrgyzstan from the North to the South and visit China with 8 passes on you way. The road is different: in some parts it is very good but in some places it is very hard to move. You will see a lot of landscapes of different climatic zones: green valleys and fir forests, alpine meadows and snows, fast rivers and lakes with pure water. Central Asia is a place where many paths of the Great Silk Road met. You will make an acquaintance with the life style of the local people and historical memorials.


 Season: June – middle of September.

 Conditions: Every member must have a mountain bicycle, sleeping bag, sleeping-pad, warm clothes, helmet and sunglasses.

 Services: Full board, lodging at hotels and intermediate tent camps. The group is escorted by the bus and truck on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and by bus in China.



Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek (in the case of arrival in Almaty transfer to Bishkek 250 km). Hotel.

Day 2: Training day by bikes. From the city to the Kashka-Su settlement and then over the pass Itinerary - Kyrgyzstan2262 m to the Chonkurchak gorge. The distance is about 55 km, Night in tents by the Nizhni Tatyr settlement.

Day 3: Transfer 120 km to the Kara-Balta gorge. Before the Tuia-Ashu pass the participants take their bikes. It is the beginning of the long bike tour. 3-km of tunnel at an altitude of 3586 m you can cross only by car. Night in tents in the wide valley on the bank of Suusamyr River.

Day 4: Cycling down in the Kekemeren gorge and then up along the river Dzhumgal to the camp in the Kara-Keche valley. The group cicles 80 km a day.

Day 5: 70 km. Ascent of the Kara-Keche pass (3364 m) on the winding road. There is a beautiful view from the pass on the big Son-Kul Lake (at an altitude of 3013 m).

Day 6: 80 km. From the Son-Kul Lake the group moves in the Southern direction to the Bozaigyr pass (3660 m). Long descend to the Naryn River – the biggest river in Tien Shan.

Day 7: 55 km. Cross the bridge to the left bank of the river and move towards Bajetovo village. From this point your trip will lay along one of the main paths of the Great Silk Road from the Fergana valley to Kashgar in Xinjang.

Day 8: 60 km. After the pass Kulakshu (3290 m) you reach the Kara-Kojun valley, cross the highway Bishkek – Torugart and reach caravanserai Tash-Rabat. Pitching a tent camp.

Day 9: The group will have the most difficult part of the trip. There is only a path over the Tash-Rabat pass (3964 m). A truck escorting the group will go round the At-Bashi Mountain and will be waiting for the bicyclists near the western edge of the Chatyr-Kul Lake (3530 m). The group cycles 50 km a day.

Day 10: The group reaches the border checkpoint. After custom’s examination the group meets the Chinese escort at the Torugart pass (3752 m). Transfer by bus 170 km to the Kashgar city. Hotel.

Day 11: Sightseeing tour. Abakhodja Masar, Idkah mosque, visiting of bazaar. Afternoon transfer by bus 200 km to the base camp “Mustagata”.

Days 12-13-14: Radial bike trips from the base camp. You can reach an altitude of 5000 m on the gentle slopes of Mustagata. Return by bus to Kashgar. Hotel.

Day 15: Transfer to Torugart. Transfer by truck from the border about 100 km. Night in tents in the Kara-Kojun valley.

Day 16: One part of the way over the Dolon pass (3030 m) you can go by bikes. Night in tents on the bank of the Chu River.

Day 17: Transfer by truck to Bishkek. Hotel.

Day 18: Departure from Bishkek or from Almaty.

Conditions of receiving:

–    accommodation in middle-class hotels in double-rooms with toilet and shower;

–    on the route accommodation in tents for 2 members;

–    transfer on good roads by bus, on the mountain roads by truck or jeep;

–    term of program can be changed if force major take place;

–    members must have medical insurance for accident;

–    it is desirable members to use their usual medicines.

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