TST-1 To the highest peaks of Tien Shan – Detailed Itinerary


Day 1-Bishkek. Early morning arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to hotel. Rest. Sightseeing around city. Visiting of National Museum, central Square «Ala-Too». Guesthouse.

Day 2-Karakol. Drive to Karakol (400 km) along North side of the Issyk-Kul lake. Visit archeological complex “Burana Tower” (XI c) and petroglyphs en route. Accommodation at the hotel or guesthouse.

Day 3-Around Karakol. Sightseeing around city includes: visit N.M. Prjevalsky museum, outstanding Russian traveler and explorer of Central Asia, remarkable Dungan mosque built in 1910 in the style of a Buddhist pagoda. It’s made of wood without any nails. Lunch. Transfer to Djergalan gorge (70 km). Camp nearby fir tree forest.

Day 4-Begin trek. Hiking up along neglected trail, surrounded by the fir trees, turning to juniper bushes, then into alpine meadows. Group crosses small pass (3327 m), and then descent into Tyup gorge. After 2-2,5 hour hike our campsite nearby the Tyup River. The distance is 21km, 7-8 hours is on the way.

Day 5-Ashu-Tor pass. Ascent along Tyup river, about 1,5 hour, then we ford river (depth about 30 cm) and turn to the East direction to Ashu-Tor gorge, and in a 2-3 hours we’ll reach the Ashu-Tor pass (3649 m). Descent along old bushy trail to Chon-Djanalach River, which flows along wide valley. All along the way we’ll enjoy memorable encounters with nomadic families who spent the summer in remote encampments. The distance is 17km, 7-8,5 is on the way.

Day 6-Turuk pass. Crossing Chon-Djanalach – Echkilitash. We cross the nameless pass, then descent into Turuk gorge. Further we continue hike along alpine meadows to the Turuk pass (3560 m). If we have a good weather we will manage to see the panoramic view of Saryjaz-Too range and Saryjaz valley, and looking directly to east – excellent view of Khan-Tengri peak (6995 m). We continue descent along Echkilitash River to the confluence with Sary-Djaz River. Camp nearby foot bridge. The distance is 19km, 8-9 hours.

Day 7-Tyuz River . Trekking down along Sary-Djaz River to the old car bridge. Walk over the bridge and continue up along the south bank of Sary-Djaz River. On the way ford two rivers – Kichi-Korumdu and Chon-Korumdu. Camp at the bank of Tyuz River at 3000 m. The distance is 20 km, 6-7 hours.

Day 8- The upper reaches of Tyuz River . Trekking to the uppers of Tyuz River through the foot bridge over Sary-Djaz River and along Tyuz River. Easy trekking day. Camp at the bank of Tyuz River at 3310 m. The distance is 18 km, 6-7 hours.

Day 9-Tyuz pass . Crossing over Tyuz pass (4001 m). Today we have strenuous day as we hike up along one of the Tyuz’s tributaries to small glacier, and finally we reach the top of the pass. We will be rewarded by the fantastic view of the glacier and valley of Inylchek River, Inylchek-Too range with the snow-covered Nansen peak (5697 m). Descent into the valley of Inylchek river along bushy slopes, which is situated 1200 m lower than pass. Camp at the place called Chon-Tash. The distamce is 15 km, 8-9hours.

Day 10-Inylchek glacier. Hiking up along the Valley to the beginning of the Inylchek glacier. Crossing the glacier along its southern side (it is no necessary to use any special equipment). Then hiking up along the southern slopes of the glacier. After the Putevodnyi Glacier is overnight stay. Camp at of 3320m. The distance is 13 km, 7-8 hours.

Day 11-Mertzbacher Glade. Continue up along the glacier to the Mertzbacher Glade (5 km, 3-3,5 hours). From this point you can see all the South Inylchek Glacier and the Mertzbacher Lake. The lake is located near the confluence of  the South Inylchek Glacier and the North Inylchek Glacier. Opportunity to do a radial hike to the lake (about 6 hours). Camp is on the glade at 3460 m.

Day 12-Komsomolskiy glacier. Continue up along the South Inylchek Glacier. There are a lot of moraines and seracs. All day you will enjoy the spectacular views of the different five-thousands peaks, most of them never visited before. Camp is at 3770m near the confluence the South Inylchek Glacier with Komsomolskiy Glacier. The distance is 15 km, 7-8 hours.

Day 13-South Inylchek Base Camp. Today we continue to go up along the South Inylchek Glacier till the last moraine. This moraine is of the Zvezdochka Glacier. There are spectacular views of peaks from that point: Khan-Tengri (6995 m), Pobeda (7439 m), Chapaev (6371 m), Gorkiy (6050 m) and Tengri-Tag Range, Kokshal-Tao and Meridianalnyi Ranges. Camp is at 4080m. The distance is about 13 km, 7-8 hours.

Day 14-Optional panoramic hike. Daily hike to the foot of the Khan-Tengri Peak or Pobeda Peak (by your choice). There are some crevasses on the glacier to get to these mountains. So it is necessary to use rope. Return to the BC. The distance is 12-14 km, 7-8 hours.

Day 15-Return to Karakol. Scheduled helicopter flight from the BC to the Maida-Adyr Camp. Transfer Maida-Adyr – Karakol via Chon-Ashu Pass (3822 m) along mountainous road. Hotel or guesthouse.

Day 16-Return to Bishkek. Drive to Bishkek along South side of the Issyk-Kul Lake (400km, 7-8 hours). Optional stopover on the beach, swimming in clear water upon client’s request. Guesthouse.

Day 17-Fly home. Transfer to the airport and depart on homeward-bound flights.

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