TST-2 Along the Nomad’s trails in North Tien-Shan – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1-Bishkek . Arrival to Bishkek early morning. Transfer to hotel. Rest. Sightseeing around the city.

Day 2-Begin trek . Ascend to the top of 2807 m Chichar pass, where we have a spectacular view of the Salyk glacier surrounded by Kyrgyzstan peak (4795 m), Alamedin Wall (4675 m), and Usechenka peak (4606 m). After a short descent, we have a slight climb into a stand of fir, from which we can see 19 km long Alamedin gorge directly below. Descend steeply to our camp (1980 m) in the gorge (which is more like a valley),(15 km, 8 hours).Camp

Day 3-Alamedin gorge . We follow a scenic trail along the Alamedin River up the Alamedin gorge, the longest in the Ala-Too Mountains. The gorge is picturesque with various types of trees growing on the banks of the river and a wide gap between the two ranges that form the gorge. Arrive at Altyn-Tor (2350m,“Gold Mountain”), where we make camp.(12km,5-6hours.)

Day 4-Upper reaches of Alamedin gorge . Today we continue hiking to the upper reaches of Alamedin gorge. Slopes covered with juniper and larch trees, turning into bush zone and then into alpine meadows. After 3-4-hours hiking we reach the confluence of Alamedin river and its right tributary – Ashu-Tor. Radial hike for 3-4 hours to the upper reaches of Alamedin River and Tuyuk-Ter glacier. Camp is nearby confluence of two rivers – Alamedin and Ashu-Tor.

Day 5-Upper reaches of Ashu-Tor River . Group hiking up Ashu-Tor River along grassy slopes among scattered stones to the end of moraine, where Ashu-Tor River flows from. We can see grazing mountain goats, and if we are lucky – famous Snow Leopard. 5-6 hours is in the way.

Day 6-Alamedin Vostochniy pass. Group begins hiking to Ashu-Tor glacier along long not so steep moraine. After 1 hour hiking we ascent to Alamedin Vostochniy pass (3964 m). From the pass there is spectacular view of the Valley of Karakol Vostochniy River. Descent into the valley of Issyk-Ata South river along the scree and then grassy slopes. Group reaches the place called “Syrty”-it is high mountains pastures, where proud Kyrgyz nomads have grazed their flocks since the days of the ancient Silk Road.7-8 hours is in the way.

Day 7-Karakol pass. Today we continue descent into the valley; we’ll hike through alpine meadows of wild flowers. Then group begins easy ascent to Karakol pass (3486 m). From the pass descent into the valley of West Karakol River. 5-6 hours is in the way.

Day 8-Tyuk pass . We proceed along old road. Group will meet Kyrgyz herders in their traditional yurts. Steep ascent brings us to the bottom of Tyuk pass. Camp is in the bottom of the pass. From this point the views of the Valley of West Karakol River and slopes of Djumgal-Too ridges are truly spectacular. 7-8 hours is in the way.

Day 9-Kok-Moinok pass. Today we ascend the scree slope to the top of Tyuk pass (4010m). Descend sharply past small glacier and over moraine into the valley of Tuyuk river and towards to the foot of Kok-Moinok pass (2911 m). 6-7 hours is in the way.

Day 10-Trek to confluence of the Kok Moinok and Tyuk rivers. Crossing over Kok-Moinok pass (2911 m). Descent to the picturesque Kok-Moinok valley passing a small lake. Landscape is changing from alpine meadows into forest area, famous for Tien-Shan fir. Camp nearby confluence of Kok-Moinok and Tuyuk rivers. Farewell dinner.

Day 11-Konor-Say canyon . Transfer to Boomskoe gorge (130km), where we make radial hike to Konor-Say canyon. This canyon is like a bowl framed by red sandstone and rocks from the West. Konor-Say canyon looks similar to Grand Canyon of USA. Camp nearby Chu River in Boomskoe gorge.

Day 12-Rafting. Rafting along Chu River. Rafting accompanied by professional guides, and according to client’s level can be arranged at quite river (1-2 category) and at fast river (3-4category). Clients are provided with all equipment.

Day 13-Return to Bishkek. Transfer to Bishkek (140 km). Visiting of the archeological complex “Burana Tower” (XI century) is situated at the former ancient Balasagyn town en rout. Hotel. Rest.

Day 14-Fly home . Transfer to airport and depart on homeward-bound flights.

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