TST-3 Terskey Ala-Too – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1-Bishkek. Arrival to Bishkek early in the morning. Transfer to hotel. Rest. Sightseeing around city.

Day 2-Karakol . Drive to Karakol, (400 km), Visit archeological complex “Burana Tower” (XI century). We can stop by the shore of the lake and bath in clear, warm and salty water upon client’s request. Lunch en route. Hotel.

Day 3-Begin trek. Drive to Kaska-Suu gorge (about 20 km) to the beginning of the trek. Route begins from the fir-tree area and goes into alpine meadows. Route lies along neglected mountainous road, not so steep in the beginning and with the high’s gain later. Then route goes to the bottom of scree slope, and along this slope clients ascent of the top of Chon-Kol-Djar pass (3350 m). Descent into the valley of the Ailyamysh River along steep grassy slope, further along left side of the river into the Valley of Altyn-Arashan River. Crossing river using wooden bridge and ascent up along the road to the Altyn-Arashan resort. Upon client’s request they can visit thermal springs. Camp nearby the resort. 6-7 hours is in the way.

Days 4-5-Upper reaches of Altyn-Arashan. Radial hike to the upper reaches of the Altyn-Arashan river and its right tributary – Anyr-Ter. Picturesque view of the slopes grow in outstanding Tien-Shan fir trees, marvelous waterfalls, show-covered rocky peaks, emerald alpine meadows of wild flowers. 6-8 hours is in the way.

Day 6-Ala-Kel pass. Hiking up along Altyn-Arashan gorge (about 1 hour) then turn to right to hilly gorge. We ascend the slope (not so steep) to the moraines of upper reaches of the Kel-Deke River. Camp nearby the scree slope, which goes to Ala-Kel pass.

Approximately 6 hours is in the way.

Day 7-Ala-Kel lake. Ascent along scree slope (steep but not too long) to Ala-Kel pass (3860 m). From the pass you can see panoramic view of the highest part of Terskey Ala-Too ridge with Karakolsky peak (5281 m), Djigit (5170 m), and Oguz-Bashi (5168 m). Descent along steep slope to the west part of the Ala-Kel Lake, its emerald surface reflects peaks and glaciers surrounding lake. Then trail goes down rocky gully along the river flowing from the lake, goes into the forest area and then to Karakol gorge. Camp in the forest area nearby the spring. 6-8 hours is in the way.

Day 8-Continue trek to Karakolsky peak. Radial hike up to Karakolsky peak along Uyun-Tor River. Charming view of the steep rocky slopes and glaciers and snow-covered peaks. Return to the camp.

Day 9-Telety pass. Crossing over not difficult Telety pass (3801 m). The trail goes into gentle, not wide, valley from forest area. From the pass trail descends to the steep bushy slope along terrace covered with big stones and goes into the summer pastures of the Kyrgyz nomads. Yurta – is a Kyrgyz national dwelling can be visited. Descent along the gentle sloping valley of Telety Zapadnaya River into forest area. Camp in the forest. 8 hours is in the way.

Day10- Trek to confluence of the Djety-Oguz and Asan-Tukum . Not difficult day. Hike down along the Telety Zapadnaya River to the confluence with Djety-Oguz River, then up along gentle sloping Djety-Oguz valley to the confluence of Djety-Oguz River and its left tributary – Asan-Tukum. The trail goes along picturesque valley overgrown in fir tree.

Day 11-Archa-Ter pass. Ascent along Asan-Tukum River. The group leaves forest area and goes into alpine meadows zone and then along gentle slopping valley comes to the slope with medium steepness. Then group hike to Archa-Ter pass (4080 m), passing small glacier along right side. Steep descent from the pass into the valley of the Archu-Ter River. Camp nearby the moraine. 6-8 hours is in the way.

Day 12-Valley of the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu River . Crossing to the beginning of the road (about 5 hours), first along the slope with medium steepness into the Valley of Chon-Kyzyl-Suu River and then along gentle sloping valley. Transfer to North side of the Issyk-Kul Lake (220 km), at the health resort “Issyk-Kul” 4*.

Day 13-Rest day. Rest day and visiting of petroglyphs in Cholpon-Ata.

Day 14-Return to Bishkek . Drive to Bishkek (300 km). Rafting in Boomskoye gorge. For those who make rafting for the first time, rafting is made in the calm water (second category according to raft’s rating). For experienced persons rafting is made in Chu river canyon (third and forth category according to raft’s rating). Accommodation at hotel.

Day 15-Fly home. Early morning transfer to airport and fly home.

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