TST-6 Reserve Valleys of Central Tien-Shan – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to Karakol (400 km). Visiting of archeological complex “Burana Tower” (XI century) on the way. Hotel.

Day 2 – «Maida-Adyr». Transfer to “Maida-Adyr” Base Camp over Chon-Ashu pass (3822 m). Accommodation in the stationary tents (4 beds). Sauna.

Day 3 – Mai-Bash gorge. Helicopter flight to Mai-Bash gorge over Inylchek-Too and Kaindy ranges. Splendid views of snowy ridges and narrow canyons with steep slopes. Camp is in fir-wood on the riverside of Mai-Bash (3000 m). Preparation for radial hikes.

Day 4 – Mai-Bash gorge. Acclimatization day. Radial hike to Mai-Bash pass (4001 m). The pass is situated in the East part of Mai-Bash-Too range, where Kyrgyz-China border is. The way lies trough the gorge with Tien-Shan firs and bushes and then on the steep slope. From the pass you can see a panorama of Kokshaal-Too ridge from the South and Kaindy-Too from the North and also Valley of Djanadjer river. Return to the camp. Time in the way – 7-8 hours.

Day 5 – Trekking to the Airansu. Hiking up along Airansu river. The trail goes through the gorge with steep clay-rocky slopes. There you can see mountain goat. Camp is under Airansu glacier on the altitude of 3800 m. Time in the way 6-7 hours.

Day 6 – Airansu pass. Radial hike to the Kyrgyz-China border, on the Airansu pass (4728 m). From the pass there is grand panorama of China part of Central Tien-Shan, its glaciers Airansu and Temirtau and ridges. If the weather is good it is possible to see Southwest walls of Pobeda peak (7439 m). Experienced participants can go for a climbing on the near peak (5050 m). The ascent is not difficult, but the route is on the snow-ice slope. So it is necessary special equipment. Return to the camp.

Day 7 – Camp. Return to the camp along Mai-Bash river . Rest.

Day 8 – Trekking to Karagaity river (left tributary of Kayu-Kap river). The route lies down Mai-Bash river through brushwood, where you could meet wild boar and in 1,5 hour turns into the small gorge and then on the Sary-Tor pass (3387 m). From the pass opens a panorama of Mai-Bash-Too ridge, Kaindy-Too ridge and canyon of Kayu-Kap river. The part of the way will lie along this canyon. Descent to Sary-Tor river and then along Kayu-Kap river to Karagaity river. Camp is on 2500 m. Time in the way – 8-9 hours.

Day 9 – Trekking along Kayu-Kap canyon. The way lies over two small passes, crossing the lateral spurs of Mai-Bash-Too ridge. There is almost no the main trail. Camp is on the riverside of Kayu-Kap at a height of 2100 m. Time in the way – 7-8 hours.

Day 10 – Hiking to Bulan-Tor glacier. In the morning crossing Kayu-Kap river. River is rather full flowing and rapid, so rope should be used while crossing the river. After crossing Kayu-Kap river there is a trail turning to Bulan-Tor gorge and then going to the Bulan-Tor glacier. Camp is on 3600 m. Time in the way – 8-9 hours.

Day 11 – Crossing over Bulan-Tor pass (4360 m) to the Kaindy gorge. The trail goes on the steep slope and reaches Bulan-Tor pass. From the pass there is a beautiful view of the top of Inylchek-Too and Kaindy-Too ridges with theirs unclimbed five-thousanders. Descent is also on the steep slopes. Camp is on 3200 m. Time in the way – 8-10 hours.

Day 12 – At-Djailoo. Rather light hiking down the Kaindy river to the confluence with At-Djailoo river. The route goes between steep rocky slopes. Camp is opposite of the canyon of At-Djailoo river, in the fir-wood at a height of 2850 m. Time in the way – 6-7 hours.

Day 13 – «Maida-Adyr». Early in the morning is fording Kaindy river. Hiking up the narrow canyon, and then on the wise grassy meadows to the At-Djailoo pass (3674 m). Descent from the pass into the Valley of Inylchek River is on the steep grassy slope. Scenic views of narrow and steep glaciers and icefalls of Inylchek-Too range. Transfer to Maida-Adyr. Sauna. Time in the way – 8-10 hours.

Day 14 – Karakol. Return to Karakol over Chon-Ashu pass. Hotel.

Day 15 – Bishkek. Transfer to Bishkek. Visiting of the rock paintings (pethrogliphs) on the way. Hotel.

Day 16 – Fly home. Transfer to the airport. Departure Bishkek.

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